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Ipc Law Book In Tamil Pdf 11 manzale




Sec. 20. Punishment for continuing offences. - (1) A person who commits an offence, after the commission of the offence and before the end of the time limit specified in the last sentence of the preceding section, is liable, in addition to the punishment provided for that offence, to imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than two years but which may extend to three years, and to fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees for every such offence. (2) In this section the expression " time limit specified in the last sentence of the preceding section" means the following time limit -Q: Find all (word) combinations of two strings Consider two words, say a and b. We want to find all possible ways to pair these two words into a sentence, i.e., to create sentences (sentence1, sentence2,..., sentenceN). I have a very brute-force solution to this problem in Python, but I'm looking for a more elegant solution to this. Here's the Python code. I only made it so it works for one word, but I could make this work for two words easily. for i in range(1, len(a)): for j in range(1, len(b)): if a[i] == b[j]: sentences.append("%s%s" % (a[:i] + b[:j], a[i:] + b[j:])) break In the real world, I am storing these pairs of words in a dictionary where keys are words and values are pairs of words (i.e., key, value). Here's some sample data: dictionary = {'go': {'golf', 'hockey'}, 'run': {'running','shooting'}, 'go'} A: One line solution in Python, no external libraries needed: [(' '.join(x) for x in zip(sorted(dictionary), sorted(dictionary.values()))]) Example usage: >>> [(' '.join(x) for x in zip(sorted('adfg'), sorted('adfg.dg'))) for _ in range(5)] [



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Ipc Law Book In Tamil Pdf 11 manzale

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